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GeoSoftware is back! Our global team of experts are here to help you make accurate and effective drilling decisions.

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  • Do you have limited resources and time constraints, all while facing tight drilling deadlines?


    Leverage our global #ReservoirExperts and best-in-class technology to solve near-term business challenges with a solution-focused deployment. Plug in our experts as an extension of your own team on an as-needed basis, minimizing your cost exposure. Benefit from the knowledge transfer of world-leading experts and unlock the true potential of your E&P acquired data to improve the decision-making process. We are here to ensure you meet business objectives and drilling plans to get the most out of your assets.



  • Onsite Reservoir Experts
  • Utilize all available data for accelerated and more accurate decisions


    The GeoSoftware team of experts has adopted a data-driven approach that yields a faster turnaround time than traditional reservoir characterization workflows. Our high-tech and rock physics constrained machine learning solution ensures robustness and allows you to make business decisions that leverage all the data and latest technology advances, including artificial intelligence.



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  • Get more value out of your investment, increase efficiency and enhance production with accurate seismic interpretations


    GeoSoftware’s industry-leading petrophysics and rock physics technology delivers a consistent and strategic approach to E&P activities across all asset teams through fast, automated, and highly repeatable play-based workflows. Identify missed pay through an internally consistent, joint statistical petrophysical and rock physics analysis. Identify new opportunities in a mature E&P environment and drill better wells with quick and improved seismic interpretation results, ready within days instead of weeks.


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  • Gain a greater understanding of risk and uncertainty in mature basins and new frontier areas


    We employ a collaborative, consultative, and agile approach to each project delivery by helping to improve your exploration, development, and production operations through tight integration of well, seismic and engineering datasets. GeoSoftware’s best-in-class, geology first solutions produce high-grade images and models of the subsurface, leading to optimal reservoir development and operational plans. Our global experts use unique, individually tailored, and business problem-focused subsurface workflows that provide robust answers to the toughest of geological environments and most complex datasets. Identify future potential across your asset base with life of field (4D) solutions and adaptive solutions that support CCUS screening, selection, and site characterization.



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  • Increase reservoir production with an integrated solution


    GeoSoftware uses cost-effective, tailored, and highly diverse geoscience and machine learning approaches that specifically address the most critical operational challenges. Our experts build truly integrated models that deliver robust production forecasts and better match real production metrics. We deliver probabilistic models that drive cross-discipline integration at the asset level and provide the most robust decisions for CAPEX deployment. Take advantage of enhanced well delivery and production results with quantitative geological and engineering properties that are the basis for well planning, geosteering, and completions design. GeoSoftware helps you minimize operational risk, optimize reservoir performance and make more accurate drilling plans.




  • Integrated Reservoir Modeling
  • Fully utilize time-lapse seismic data with advanced 4D solutions


    The growing role of time-lapse seismic and the value of 4D technology has been seen in the energy industry as an effective way to reduce field management uncertainty, increase reserve and recovery, and improve the economics of E&P activities. Time-lapse seismic characterization is most commonly used for locating bypassed reserves, optimizing infill-well locations and improving reservoir characterization results, monitoring CO2 storage sites and improving oil recovery in unconventional reservoirs. 

    The GeoSoftware team of experts apply time-lapse in projects to fully utilize 4D data, conduct quick conditioning and calibration, account for 4D low frequencies, and allow for detailed reservoir characterization and discriminating the pressure and saturation effect at the resolution of static/dynamic model. Energy companies can take advantage of our flexible data management platform that handles multiple time-lapses and integrates all details and data from various disciplines. Our experienced regional experts coupled with mature 4D technology help our customers reduce drilling costs and identify additional field reserves.




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