Gain a greater understanding of risk and uncertainty in the subsurface characterization

Characterizing complex subsurface requires understanding the value of information (VOI)

Because data comes at a cost, understanding its value is paramount. Reservoir Characterization encompasses a systematic and multifaceted approach using multi-scale, multi-data types to understand the subsurface properties of the Earth. The information can drive both ‘no go’ decisions as well as ‘go’ decisions. GeoSoftware’s experts understand the value of information that could unravel the complexities of the geological subsurface for various reservoir characterization applications and help operators make the best decision in every stage of the field lifecycle.

Development & Production
Development & Production

Accuracy and uncertainty of geological models in complex reservoirs

Reservoirs often exhibit complex geological structures and heterogeneity in rock properties. Uncertainty in reservoir characterization can impact the accuracy of reservoir models and the efficiency of resource extraction. Variability in reservoir porosity, permeability, and fluid properties make it challenging to create accurate and representative models. The most significant advances in reservoir characterization are a result of creating integrated 3D reservoir geo-models that are accurate and capable of visualizing data and interpretations from different technical disciplines. The use of such earth models greatly improves reservoir management decisions

Using GeoSoftware advanced technology, our team thrives in accurately characterizing lithology and fluid, quantifying the uncertainty, and creating integrated 3D geo-models for well-informed technical and business decisions.

Reduce risk and uncertainty with proven methods

At GeoSoftware, we employ a collaborative, consultative, and agile approach to the delivery of each reservoir characterization project, encompassing all techniques and methods that improve our understanding of the geologic and petrophysical controls of fluid flow:

  • Verify well-log data with petrophysical analysis and rock physics modeling to ensure log data quality, augment missing logs, and understand the reservoir Petro-Elastic model.
  • Apply extensive conditioning to seismic data to produce high-grade pre-stack seismic volumes for AVO analysis, seismic inversion and quantitative interpretation
  • Create a structural and stratigraphic interpretation
  • Leverage different seismic inversion techniques that best suit reservoir challenges and enable interpreting crucial producing facies rocks and full quantitative interpretation
  • Leverage neural networks and rock-physics based machine learning approaches to acquire detailed insights into rock and fluid properties.
  • Create reservoir scenarios allowing capturing the associated uncertainty in input data, reservoirs, and output models
  • Apply fracture characterization using azimuthal attributes.
  • Utilize various velocity modeling workflows that can be applied from prospect to regional scale.
  • Perform seismic-based pore pressure prediction for safe and economic drilling.
  • Select targets and optimize well planning.

Our best-in-class, reservoir characterization solutions produce high-grade images and models of the subsurface leading to optimal operational plans supporting oil and gas, CCUS, geothermal, and offshore wind industries. 

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Characterization-Before Characterization-After

Seismic data conditioning using GeoSoftware technology

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