Petrophysical Interpretation

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    • Reduce costs and risks while drilling and completing wells with greater insight into subsurface rock and fluid properties. The PowerLog® suite enables E&P asset teams to locate and evaluate zones in wellbores and provides sophisticated tools to quantify the commercial potential of these intervals. This powerful software can be used anywhere for quick collaboration on important drilling decisions.
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        Get multi-user/multi-interpreter functionality on a commercial object-oriented database
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        Work on thousands of wells with data located anywhere in the world, as an individual or as part of a team
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        Edit and process data across multiple wells at all levels with easy-to-use software
Add-On Modules
Software add-on modules let you extend PowerLog’s capabilities to meet your specific requirements.
  • Machine Learning with Python Extensions
  • StatMin
  • Rock Physics Module
  • Save time and resources with Machine Learning

    PowerLog can connect to any open-source distribution of Python and perform in-house advanced processing to save your company time and money.


    You can successfully apply machine learning and deep learning techniques with this tool including:

    • Facies classification, supervised and unsupervised
    • Unbalanced sampling algorithms to eliminate bias
    • Data loading, analysis, and migration
    • Automated log editing for outlier detection, synthetic curve generation, and automated curve substitution,


    Machine learning in PowerLog Python Extensions enables clearer reservoir understanding and faster, more efficient data analysis so you can:

    • Predict curves based on existing log data
    • Correlate core analysis to log data
    • Model complex porosity and permeability relationships
    • Quickly edit logs for data conditioning with automated tools 
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  • Proven technology
    StatMin is based on a technique first presented at the 1988 Society of Professional Well Log Analysts Symposium and later reprinted in the June 1991 edition of World Oil in an article entitled “A Practical Approach to Statistical Log Analysis” by William K. Mitchell and Richard J. Nelson.


    The PowerLog advantage
    StatMin is an add-on module to PowerLog®, the industry-standard petrophysical interpretation package known for its functionality and ease-of-use.


    StatMin solves balanced, over-determined and underdetermined models. Under-determined models are more common where insufficient log data is available to compute all the needed minerals in one pass. StatMin provides multiple methods to deal with this important issue.


    Key features
    • Linear response equations for fast results
    • Sequential models
    • User defined minerals
    • Alternate matrix for complex solutions
    • Solve for up to 25 minerals and fluids
    • Access to common data model for curves and zones
    • Handles multiple wells simultaneously
    • Water saturation computations also determined
    • Multiple iterations for convergent solutions
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  • Powerful and easy to use Rock Physics Models

    Build accurate rock physics models from log data and petrophysical interpretation results with PowerLog Rock Physics Module (RPM). 


    This tool integrates PowerLog well log analysis with rock physics elastic modeling. RPM enables a fundamental modeling approach — a petrophysical rock model is used to derive rock structure information and effective elastic rock properties from  fluid and mineral parameters.


    You can easily analyze fluid-substitution studies and invasion correction once a rock model is constructed. The rock model also enables prediction of elastic curves for lithology parameters that are not present in the wells.


    The RPM advantage
    RPM is the bridge between PowerLog and other Jason applications. This user-friendly module is integrated with PowerLog so you can iterate your petrophysical parameters using rock physics models in RPM and improve your petrophysics interpretation.


    Key features

    • Provides multiple models of fluid and mineral compositions
    • Integrated with petrophysics
    • Workflow-oriented
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Easy to share the workflow with others
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    Download Flyer: Rock Physics Module

PowerLog Features
Introduced to the oil and gas industry more than 35 years ago, PowerLog has evolved to become one of the most user-friendly yet sophisticated solutions available.
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    • Powerful Collaboration
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    • Proven Technology
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    • Fast Petrophysical Analysis
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    • Machine and Deep Learning
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    • Customizable and Extensible Petrophysics

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