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Enhance foundation design for Wind Farms through the examination of seabed conditions

Globally, investments in wind energy technology are increasing as are the number of countries investing in offshore wind projects. One crucial factor influencing the progress of wind farm development is site selection which is dependent upon seabed conditions and surface rocks. Site characterization is vital for the establishment and stability of wind farms, especially in foundation design for turbines.

Structural seabed integrity is important to sustain wind turbines. The seabed must possess ample bearing capacity to prevent excessive settlement or tilting. The stability of wind turbines relies on the foundation's ability to support both the weight and dynamic loads imposed by the turbine.

A comprehensive site assessment of soil conditions is essential to identify geological features, near surface hazards, soil composition, and moisture content, addressing unique challenges specific to each site. In addition, cost efficiency is directly tied to seabed conditions to optimize foundation design and construction, directly impacting project costs. An in-depth analysis mitigates potential risks and ensures the safety and reliability of the entire wind farm infrastructure.

Site assessment characterization: Analyze subsurface profile for long-term sustainability of offshore wind farms

Discover how GeoSoftware employs advanced soil characterization techniques to evaluate seabed heterogeneity and consolidation. Our data-driven approach, utilizing machine learning tools and analytics, adeptly addresses the unique environmental challenges inherent in the design and long-term performance of wind turbine foundations.

Solutions for achieving optimal selection of offshore wind farm sites and of foundation design

Data QC

Perform quality control and conditioning of ultra-high resolution seismic data and friction and resistance readings from Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) logs. Our innovative solutions and technology ensure accuracy and reliability of the data collected.   

  • Rapid quality control and conditioning of legacy and modern data using machine learning and statistical analyses
  • Robust estimation of relationships between CPT and elastic properties from wells and seismic
  • Efficient handling of large 2D surveys and well / CPT datasets

Site Selection

Execute expert subsurface workflows tailored for wind energy projects, including precise well-to-seismic tie procedures, accurate estimation of wavelet characteristics, and development of robust low-frequency models. Our methods ensure a thorough understanding of the shallow subsurface geology and soil profile, enabling informed decision-making and optimal planning for wind energy development initiatives.

  • Quickly analyze large 2D surveys alongside legacy wells and CPTs
  • Reduce operational costs in site screening by modeling and predicting the CPT from seismic data


Employ GeoSoftware’s advanced seismic inversion workflows to evaluate high resolution seismic data, gain insights on subsurface features through detailed elastic properties, and asses petrophysical and soil properties of importance and associated uncertainties. Leverage the latest advanced Machine Learning methodologies to analyze geotechnical properties inferred from Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) logs, enabling the development of precise soil profiles across the development areas. This enhances the accuracy of soil characterization, reduces cycle time to results and provides invaluable insights into subsurface conditions crucial for wind farm site evaluation and construction planning.

  • Improve engineering design through improved understanding of the soil strength profile and associated uncertainties
  • Develop high quality engineering models, integrating all subsurface information within a holistic machine learning framework

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Locate and evaluate zones in wellbores and quantify commercial potential with petrophysical software.


Easily complete comprehensive interpretations and quickly see the true paleo-depositional environment with 3D interpretation solutions.

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