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GeoSoftware works in collaboration with our Partners to deliver key solutions to the global energy markets. Scroll to see our Industry and University Partners.

Geoactive Limited

Software for Collaborative Exploration and Monitoring of Any Subsurface Terrain

Geoactive Limited's intuitive software solutions easily and accurately interpret and manage any subsurface terrain to make technically accurate, timely decisions and reduce costs. Well log analysis software, Interactive Petrophysics (IP), and multi-well collaboration software, Interactive Correlations (IC), are built on a breadth of experience from across each facet of the energy industry.

Interactive Petrophysics (IP)

Interactive Petrophysics (IP) is a highly robust tool for subsurface interpretations. It is stable, and minimizes user errors through its interactive graphical interface. Whatever your experience level, IP offers a complete, cost-effective solution enabling thorough analysis for making geological and petrophysical decisions. IP provides you and your team with seamlessly integrated workflows across subsurface disciplines and supports improved reservoir performance throughout the entire assets’ lifecycle

  • Work quickly and independently within an interactive interface designed by industry-leading experts
  • Adopt a variety of user-specified workflows to facilitate intelligent, confident and hassle-free analysis
  • Fully customisable package, choose a combination which meets your specific needs and build bespoke modules

Interactive Correlations (IC)

Acquiring subsurface data can be costly and challenging. Once it’s in your possession, you need to see the full scope of its insight. Thinking like a geologist, IC brings all your well data into one place, then gives you the interrogation and visualization functionality you need to identify what it’s telling you and make confident decisions for all of your well and field optimization projects.

  • Tools that quickly improve your regional perspective while maintaining the detail when interpreting your subsurface
  • Powerful and consistent visualization produces coherent results for efficient and confident decision making
  • Incomparable stratigraphic awareness gives a faster and more confident understanding of your subsurface, unconformities and all
  • Import data from anywhere into a flexible database and share easily between teams for a broader and deeper understanding of your reservoir

Petrosys | Interica

Mapping, modeling, processing, data management and portfolio analysis software and services

Petrosys | Interica offer unparalleled software in geoscience and data management solutions. With a rich legacy of innovation and a deep understanding of the oil and gas subsurface domain, they empower clients with seamless integration capabilities, enabling them to navigate the complexities of modern Energy landscapes with confidence and efficiency. 

Petrosys | Interica solutions are tailored for subsurface exploration, appraisal, and development. Energy companies worldwide rely on their suite of cutting-edge software, including Petrosys PRO, GLOBEClaritas, PLDB, Interica OneView, dbMap, epShare, and GPinfo, as essential tools for basin and field interpretation, to enhance enterprise data management and help make better decisions.


GlobeClaritas delivers a powerful and effective software solution to create and enhance your seismic data processing capabilities in FieldQC, Processing QC, Land & Marine Processing, and for Academic Programs. Comprehensive tutorials and user-focused support information ensure that your team can rapidly start applying their geophysical knowledge. The low installation footprint allows flexible hardware specifications to suit your needs.

Petrosys PRO

Petrosys PRO is the leader in mapping and surface modeling software solutions for the petroleum E&P industry. Delivering direct connectivity with the most popular exploration, production, and GIS data sources, Petrosys PRO produces high-quality maps and surface models. It manages seismic, well, geoscience, and other specialized data used in the search for oil and gas.

  • Transform mapping standards and efficiencies across your organization with consistent, accurate, and compelling maps – critical in effective communication.
  • Intuitive, direct connectivity to key subsurface applications (Petrel, Halliburton, IHS Kingdom, and more). Gain valuable insight by combining data from multiple disciplines and datasets.
  • Produce surface models of the highest quality and reliable volume estimates by leveraging the most trusted, effective, and repeatable geoscience methods.

Industry Partners

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

GeoSoftware’s Lillian Flakes, SEG Director at Large, JEDI Committee

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Carbon Management Canada

Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology (CREWS)


Harvex Geosolutions Limited

Integrated Geoscience Limited

EREX Petroleum Consultants

TROIS Geoconsultant

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