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Advanced 3D Interpretation

Immense interpretation power without straining your bandwidth

InsightEarth's robust 3D visualization, interpretation, and modeling tools bring seismic data to life, enabling you to model subsurface structures with exceptional clarity. Uncover complex geological features and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface for more accurate drilling decisions. Precision in InsightEarth's algorithms allow for high-resolution attribute analysis, providing detailed insights into subsurface properties. Identify anomalies, faults, fractures and reservoir structures with confidence. InsightEarth eliminates traditional mundane point-and-click activities that are common with other software packages and replaces them with potent interpretation power.

Solving Key Industry Challenges

Complex formations and structures make hydrocarbon detection laborious and challenging. E&P companies must utilize all available geoscience data and advanced interpretation to make the most informed drilling decisions and reduce the risk of drilling a dry hole.

Complex and highly faulted formations make interpretation difficult

  • Interpreting faults is difficult and tedious, especially in complex formations. 
  • Inaccurate and incomplete interpretations often lead to missed pay, inefficient field development, miscorrelations, drilling hazards – and ultimately dry holes.

Interpreting fractured reservoirs mainly comprised of carbonates and unconventional formations has historically been challenging for geoscientists

  • Understanding the occurrence and distribution of fractures is critical for assessing reserves and planning development wells in fractured carbonate and unconventional reservoirs 
  • Incomplete fracture interpretations often result in poorly placed wells, induced fracture breakthrough at adjacent wells, poorly producing wells and suboptimal field production

Understanding the 3D structural effects in a volume

  • Traditional interpretation systems image the paleo-environment by flattening the volume around a single interpreted horizon.
  • Any reliability disappears as distance from the interpreted horizon increases.
  • 3D Wheeler volumes and proportionally sliced volumes in most software platforms do not remove structure from the volume.

Drilling horizontal wells is timely and costly if well plans are not accurate

  • Designing multi-well plans one well at a time
  • Solving anti-collision one well at a time 
  • Delivering a well plan that the drillers can’t drill
  • Updating all remaining planned wells after an “as drilled” exists

Extract Critical Geological Knowledge from Seismic Data

InsightEarth delivers more accurate interpretations in less time.


Easy-to-learn, simple-to-use software allows you to quickly generate powerful outcomes


Patented fault, salt/sediment & stratal domain functionalities provide critical insight and visualization of features, targets and prospects


Utilize your current infrastructure to boost your company’s capabilities without adding costly CPU cores


Integrates seamlessly with major platforms including Petrel® and Landmark

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Easily and accurately condition seismic data for interpretation

InsightEarth Ignition provides viewers and the processing platform for the full range of InsightEarth interpretation workflows. Geoscientists will be able to condition seismic data for subsequent processing and optimize volumes for interpretation. Manual interpretation of horizons and faults become far easier and more accurate when made using Ignition's customizable tools.

IE_Enfield Perspective_Shallow Channels_Oil and Gas Geobody



Empower interpretation by automating the fault extraction process

The choice to extract faults or fractures remains where it has always been – with the interpreter. Extract fractured regions in carbonate and unconventional reservoirs with simplicity and compare them with through-going faults for the best geological understanding of the subsurface possible. Interpret faults in complexly faulted regions is faster than ever. FaultFractureSpark empowers interpretation by automating the fault and fracture extraction process, replacing ceaseless mind-numbing mouse clicks with speedy workflows and precise results.

IE_Faults above salt_2023



Remove the structure and see what’s inside

PaleoSpark delivers a volumetric representation of the paleo-depositional environment necessary for stratigraphic interpretation. Quickly remove the effects of the selected structure to smooth the way to a complete interpretation. See channels and other stratigraphic features as they were originally deposited to reveal previously obscured depositional systems.




Explore where the salt ends and the pay zone begins

Bring the most complicated structures into clear definition with InsightEarth SaltSpark. Correctly define salt bodies, no matter how complex, in order to illuminate potential reservoirs. Create a closed 3D geobody even in the most poorly imaged areas for use in velocity modeling and easily separate the geobody from the hydrocarbon deposit for highly informed drilling recommendations.




See the real world in 3D for optimized well planning

Optimize well planning in unconventional and fractured reservoirs by planning all wells from a single pad, all at once, always in 3D. Quickly plan and QC horizontal wells on high-density, multi-lateral pads and confidently deliver plans that drillers can actually drill. WellPath lets you view anti-collision results of all planned wells to avoid hazards, legacy wells, and recent completions. Stay on top of rig schedules by dramatically reducing planning cycle time from several weeks to a single morning.


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