This is GeoSoftware

Delivering enhanced reservoir insights to the global energy industry

About GeoSoftware

Through passion for innovation and technology, GeoSoftware is the global trusted partner for advanced geoscience software and services that enable the energy industry to make the most efficient and accurate decisions that responsibly deliver global energy security. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, GeoSoftware has over 160 employees located in 18 countries from which we serve over 450 clients across the globe.

Our Mission

We implement our deep knowledge and experience of the subsurface into innovative geoscience technology that provides unique, customer-oriented solutions to the toughest energy challenges.

Our Values


We are customer-oriented

– we listen, and our customer's needs are at the heart of what we do.


We are results driven

– trusted by customers to unlock a complete understanding of the subsurface


We are passionate about geoscience

– no matter expertise level, our breadth of solutions enables all geoscientists to harness their full potential


We collaborate

– we foster partnerships with our customers that drive shared success


We care

– we care about our people, our customers, and the global community by delivering responsible energy solutions


We are adaptable

– adaptive, creative and with a culture of continuous improvement

Our Leadership Team

Kester Waters

Chief Executive Officer

Yury Smirnov

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Wang

Chief Financial Officer

Leonardo Quevedo

Chief Technology Officer

Julio Gomez

Global Vice President, Technical Sales

Diana Guzman

Region Manager, Latin America

Francisco Morillo

Region Manager, North America

Jimmy Ting

Region Manager, Far East

Mark Littman

Region Manager, Europe Africa Middle East

Xinwei He

Region Manager, China

Lucas Rivas

Global HR Manager

Mohammed Ibrahim

Global Services Manager

Stephen Dominguez

Global IT Director

Mandy Jones

Global Training & Support Manager

Blair Shimmield

Global Sales Manager

Monica Iglesias

Global Marketing Manager

GeoSoftware embodies innovation and passion for geoscience. At the forefront of our values is embracing a collaborative partnership with all of our customers to deliver value-added solutions to fit their business needs and challenges. Our cutting-edge software and worldwide expertise allows us to provide enhanced insights into the subsurface, today and well into the future.

Kester Waters

Our History


Jason Geosystems Founded


HampsonRussell Founded


Jason Acquires PowerLog


EarthModel FT Released


Jason Joins Fugro


HampsonRussell Joins CGGVeritas


Jason Joins CGG


InsightEarth Joins CGG


GeoSoftware Formed in CGG


HampsonRussell & Jason Celebrate 30 Years


Constellation Software Inc. Acquires GeoSoftware

Meet Our Owners

GeoSoftware is part of Carina and, divisions of Constellation Software Inc. Carina and acquire and enable growth and development to vertical market software companies. They empower companies to facilitate long-term sustainable growth and embody a buy and hold forever philosophy, preserving the existing leadership team and company culture.

Our sister companies include, Petrosys, Geoactive, Omnira, NEMS, Ascertra and many more!