GeoSoftware Delivers New Release of Reservoir Characterization Technology with Faulted Model Building and Enhanced Rock Physics Modeling

Houston, Texas -- GeoSoftware™, global trusted partner providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge, today announced the latest release of industry-leading software, HampsonRussell, Jason and PowerLog.

Designed to boost efficiency and usability, GeoSoftware’s new release brings cutting-edge model building technology and integrated rock physics modeling that optimizes reservoir characterization workflows for a superior user experience.

GeoSoftware users can now create more reliable and accurate subsurface property predictions through the incorporation of faulted models in the reservoir characterization process. The advanced, workflow-driven EarthModel tool for HampsonRussell 13.0 and Jason 12.0 enables users to generate sophisticated faulted models and property volumes for geologically complex areas. The enhanced predictions of in-place rock and pore volumes and associated reservoir connectivity drive greater understanding of reservoir containment, field development and production optimization scenarios and uncertainties.

HampsonRussell GeoAI, the innovative rock physics constrained machine learning approach for seismic reservoir characterization, now supports unconventional rock physics models. GeoAI’s fast, physics constrained data integration workflows generate high-fidelity predictions of rock quality, layer thicknesses and other geological properties such as pore pressure. Unconventional operators can now leverage these technologies and results to improve geo-steering plans, stay in-zone longer, optimize bit-selection and improve well engineering and EUR.

Ease-of-use is at the core of HampsonRussell technology, and this new release allows users to directly estimate petrophysical properties from seismic inversion results using calibrated rock physics models, ensuring a high degree of consistency in the combined geological and geophysical interpretation of well and seismic data. The improved GeoSoftware Petrel link now connects from Linux as well as from Windows environments, and volume transfer from Petrel is now up to 2x faster.

The Jason ecosystem now incorporates the PowerLog Rock Physics Modeling (RPM) technology. RPM’s powerful rock physics engine bridges the gap between well logs and seismic data with dedicated and editable rock physics models that deliver more accurate wellbore design, fracture stimulation, and reservoir modeling capabilities. PowerLog RPM has been enhanced to provide users additional advanced options such as Jason Voight-Reuss-Hill Average mineral mixing for Jason Xu & White and Jason Keys & Xu models. Users can create high-quality elastic curves from petrophysical data and easily and accurately interpret inversion results using robust rock physics templates and crossplots.

We remain focused on delivering high impact solutions to our customer’s biggest problems. Faulted modelling and the ever-deeper integration of rock physics into our inversion and machine learning technology and workflows provide our customers with new tools that can drive quality and efficiency gains in their daily operations. We are excited to release these new versions of our software that will enable our customers to continue to maximize the potential of their subsurface assets.

Kester Waters
Chief Executive Officer, GeoSoftware


About GeoSoftware
GeoSoftware is a global trusted partner providing geoscience software and consulting services to enhance subsurface knowledge. GeoSoftware reservoir characterization technology and services link geophysics, geology and petrophysics for optimum workflows that drive greater reservoir understanding.  Global clients rely on the company’s geoscience expertise to build the most accurate and detailed reservoir models and elevate subsurface knowledge.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, GeoSoftware has over 160 employees located in 17 countries from which they serve over 450 clients across the globe. 

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