GeoSoftware Unveils New Release of Accelerated Machine Learning Technology and Time-Saving Workflows

December 1, 2023—Houston, Texas -- GeoSoftware™, a trusted global partner providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge, is pleased to announce the latest release of our industry-leading software, HampsonRussell 2024.0, Jason 2024.0 and PowerLog 2024.0.  


The latest GeoSoftware release marks a notable achievement in reservoir characterization technology, effectively addressing key challenges and establishing standards for geoscience excellence. Developed by a team of reservoir experts at GeoSoftware, these cutting-edge solutions offer innovative machine learning technology, faster results with time saving workflows, and increased ease of use.

Make data-driven decisions and increase your workflow efficiency with new technology in HampsonRussell’s machine learning tool, GeoAI. Complete time intensive projects and maximize hardware resources with GPU and multi-CPU support which results in an approximately 30% reduction in execution time when training GeoAI’s Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Additionally, GeoAI now supports both 2D and 3D seismic data, allowing a wider range of projects to benefit from its CNN workflows. Efficiently QC the synthetic wells catalog with WellGen’s accelerated multi-well analysis.

Access and analyze data with enhanced connectivity from GeoSoftware applications to 3rd party platforms such as OpenWorks and Petrel. The HampsonRussell link to OpenWorks introduces connectivity on Windows, streamlining the well data import and export processes. OpenWorks version R5000.10.7 is now supported in HampsonRussell. Efficiently import volumes from Petrel to HampsonRussell with a new capability to restrict import to the designated spatial zones, streamlining workflows involving extensive data. 

Jason's Gather QC Module offers enhanced capabilities, allowing synthetic traces to be calculated and displayed in a second panel. AVO events are seamlessly added and edited in either display panel, providing increased flexibility and efficiency in reservoir characterization workflows. RockTrace and InverTrace deliver predefined QCs for a more robust co-simulation of reservoir properties to ensure precise alignment between elastic properties and well data. These innovations translate to a more efficient workflow, saving valuable time as QCs are seamlessly configured, allowing you to focus on critical analyses.

Essential for understanding a reservoir, PowerLog now provides easy-to-use, predefined templates for common rock physics models as well as newly improved organization for RPM workflows, delivering more intuitive guidance with customized workflows. 



“We are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication our team has put into developing this new release of geoscience technology that helps our customers save time and increase project efficiency,” said GeoSoftware CEO, Kester Waters. “This is a testament to our commitment to innovation and providing our customers with best-in-class solutions in the energy industry.”


Kester Waters, Chief Executive Officer, GeoSoftware



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GeoSoftware is a global trusted partner, providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge.  GeoSoftware reservoir characterization technology and services link geophysics, geology and petrophysics for optimum workflows that drive greater reservoir understanding.  Global clients rely on the company’s geoscience expertise to build the most accurate and detailed reservoir models and elevate subsurface knowledge.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, GeoSoftware has 160 employees located in 18 countries from which they serve over 450 companies across the globe.


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