GeoSoftware Delivers New Release of Innovative Technology for Optimized Reservoir Characterization and Management 

September 1, 2023—Houston, Texas -- GeoSoftware™, a trusted global partner providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge, is pleased to announce the latest release of our industry-leading software, HampsonRussell 13.2, Jason 12.2 and InsightEarth 3.7.  


In today's context, energy companies are increasingly focused on enhancing reservoir predictions, minimizing uncertainty, and modeling within intricate geological formations. GeoSoftware’s latest release introduces additional innovative technology, intuitive workflow processes, and progressive quality controls, all aimed at optimizing reservoir screening, characterization, and management.   


HampsonRussell’s GeoAI, our Rock Physics-based Machine Learning product, provides leading-edge insight for reservoir optimization. The new uncertainty analysis for the module’s Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) reveals a comprehensive prediction spread and confidence levels, equipping decision-makers with valuable insights in uncertain data scenarios. Additionally, the visual interface of GeoAI has been upgraded, offering a clearer, more intuitive user experience.  


Continuing our commitment to improving software performance and usability, we have bolstered HampsonRussell’s Multi-Node Processing (MNP) capability with the addition of a user-friendly MNP-local option. This feature simplifies the set-up of local MNP jobs, making it easier to use all available computer resources to reduce processing time for inversions and the conditioning of extensive seismic volumes.  


Jason’s widely acclaimed StatMod and RockMod modules, recognized for excellence in geostatistical modeling and inversion solutions, have undergone a significant enhancement. The inversion workflows now easily incorporate laterally varying azimuths of anisotropic lateral variograms, with these variations meticulously accounted for from input horizons. Non-stationarity handling has also been extended to the Discrete Property Editor, resulting in greater accuracy during the inversion process.  


StatMod and RockMod also feature immediate data verification QCs to ensure consistency in input data. Embedded viewers enable real-time confirmation of lateral alignment for volume and horizon data inputs, a critical validation step for both continuous and discrete properties. This validation ensures necessary consistency prior to executing large scale batch and HPC processing jobs for inversion workflows.  


InsightEarth, our renowned advanced seismic interpretation solution, now features a structurally conformable filter that counteracts noise and utilizes phase alignment to enhance noise removal while preserving signal. This improved seismic conditioning approach significantly boosts signal to noise and delivers considerable enhancements in fault and fracture detection from seismic.   


InsightEarth's FaultFractureSpark also now allows streamlined processing of large-scale fracture point sets. Users can utilize rose diagrams to selectively choose fractures based on orientation, enhancing stability and minimizing errors.  



"This latest release of our software products reflects our unyielding commitment to pushing the boundaries of geoscience and providing innovative software solutions that truly resonate with our users' needs,’’ said Kester Waters, CEO, GeoSoftware. ‘’Following our recent extensive customer survey, we are confident that our roadmap and the ongoing focus on usability, performance and scientific enhancements will deliver significant benefit to our users across the world.”


Kester Waters, Chief Executive Officer, GeoSoftware


GeoSoftware encourages users to embrace advanced geoscience technology and innovation. The invitation to engage with GeoSoftware in addressing reservoir challenges remains open as collective efforts continue to drive the progression of offerings and solutions.  


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GeoSoftware is a trusted global partner, providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge.  GeoSoftware’s reservoir characterization technology and services link geophysics, geology, and petrophysics for optimum workflows that drive greater reservoir understanding.  Global clients rely on the company’s geoscience expertise to build the most accurate and detailed reservoir models and elevate subsurface understanding.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, GeoSoftware has over 160 employees located in 17 countries, from which they serve over 450 clients across the globe.  


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