GeoSoftware Provides Technology and Training to ENH in Mozambique

GeoSoftware™ has announced that it has sold advanced reservoir characterization software and training to ENH, the Mozambican State entity responsible for researching, prospecting, producing and marketing petroleum products.

ENH purchased licenses for modules within HampsonRussell software, part of the GeoSoftware portfolio. The modules include Strata for pre-stack data conditioning, attribute computation and analysis; AVO for pre-stack data conditioning, attribute computation and analysis; LithoSI to quantify uncertainty in seismic lithology and fluid prediction; and Attributes to quantify the reservoir properties in seismic volumes as well as perform data preconditioning such as noise reduction and data quality control. ENH also will receive Maintenance and Support, as well as training, assistance and peer reviews.

The local geology is characterized by stacked, thin reservoir sands at relatively shallow depths, and some projects may involve complex geology with faults. According to Monica Juvane, Exploration Manager at ENH, “We wanted a software designed specifically for reservoir characterization to perform more complete and more advanced studies, and GeoSoftware tailored this HampsonRussell package to perfectly fit our needs.”

GeoSoftware business manager Natasha Hunt said, “This purchase will enable ENH to better understand other assets they operate, and to use the same software as other operators in Mozambique as well as other governments, regulators, and companies in the region. This alignment will enable them to QC each other’s work and more effectively move the industry forward.”

A geophysics expert from GeoSoftware who understands the needs of ENH will serve as the main technical advisor, has already delivered training, and will continue to monitor progress with peer review sessions.

About ENH (Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos, EP)
ENH ( is the Mozambican State entity responsible for researching, prospecting, producing and marketing petroleum products and represents the State in petroleum operations. Created in 1981, ENH participates in all petroleum operations and in the respective phases of research, exploration, production, refining, transport, storage and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including LNG and GTL inside and outside the country. Upstream actions are focused on research, development and production of Oil and Gas with the main objective of increasing the probabilities of discovery in the exploration phase and to optimize the recovery of resources in the production phase. At the downstream level, ENH aims to diversify and massify the use of gas in Mozambique.

About GeoSoftware
GeoSoftware ( reservoir characterization technology and services link geophysics, geology and petrophysics for optimum workflows that drive greater reservoir understanding. Enhanced cloud and machine learning capabilities, optimized computing performance and a superior user experience are hallmarks of its industry-trusted brands. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes Jason, HampsonRussell, PowerLog®, InsightEarth® and VelPro. Global clients rely on the company’s geoscience expertise to build the most accurate and detailed reservoir models and elevate subsurface knowledge. GeoSoftware is committed to continued innovation to address complex challenges in all types of reservoirs and reduce risk, cost, and cycle-time throughout the field lifecycle. Comprehensive geoscience knowledge, solutions, and consulting services from GeoSoftware bring valuable insight to natural resource exploration and development, enhancing clients’ E&P success. Headquartered in Houston, Texas USA, GeoSoftware has experts located in 17 countries from which they serve clients across the globe.

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