Level Up Your Reservoir Characterization Results for Optimal Well Recovery

Engineers and geoscientists face a significant challenge in understanding the reservoir, specifically, what lies between drilled wells and understanding reservoir compartmentalization. This task is crucial for accurate reservoir size prediction, economic analyses, and optimizing well placements to minimize drilling costs. 

To address this challenge, data integration from various disciplines is essential. Geologic and geophysical data must be merged to identify different facies and accurately quantify reservoir properties like porosity, laying the groundwork for precise reserve estimations. 

One powerful technique in reservoir characterization is AVO inversion which transforms seismic data into detailed elastic properties volumes. Providing insights beyond seismic data alone, elastic properties are valuable and interpreting these volumes requires sophisticated methodologies. 

Enter LithoSI, a software solution that takes reservoir characterization results to the next level. The HampsonRussell LithoSI workflow allows geoscientists to generate probability volumes for different lithologies, providing a clear, geologic view of the reservoir. These probability volumes aid in understanding lithology distribution and reducing drilling risks.

LithoSI Blog Image 2

Figure 1: Probability of pay and body extracted  

Additionally, LithoSI facilitates lithology analysis by integrating seismic and well log data. Through Bayesian analysis, LithoSI assigns probabilities to different facies predictions, offering a comprehensive understanding of reservoir heterogeneity. The lithology probability volumes guide recommendations for optimal well placements and enhance understanding of reservoir compartmentalization and uncertainty. 

LithoSI Blog Image 3Figure 2: Most probable lithology from LithoSI 

Through the integration of advanced techniques such as AVO inversion and lithology classification using LithoSI, coupled with meticulous data analysis and interpretation, engineers and geoscientists gain valuable insights into reservoirs, optimizing drilling strategies, and maximizing recovery. 

To learn more about how HampsonRussell LithoSI can help you level up your reservoir characterization results, download the LithoSI brochure.

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