Professor Lev Vernik Joins GeoSoftware as Scientific Advisor

Houston, Texas -- GeoSoftware™, a global trusted partner providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge, is pleased to announce a new partnership with industry-expert and distinguished author Lev Vernik.


Lev Vernik has joined GeoSoftware in a consulting role as Scientific Advisor, providing his vast knowledge in seismic petrophysics, rock physics, geomechanics, and quantitative analysis of seismic data. As Scientific Advisor, Lev will work with GeoSoftware and our customers to build innovative and powerful solutions that solve key seismic reservoir characterization challenges.


During his 27 years in the industry, Lev is known worldwide as a pioneer in Rock Physics and has published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has been on the SEG top seller list for three consecutive years for his published book, “Seismic Petrophysics in Quantitative Interpretation” (2016, SEG).


“GeoSoftware is delighted to have Lev Vernik as a new esteemed colleague,” said Kester Waters, Chief Executive Officer, GeoSoftware. “Lev’s extensive expertise in the industry will bring a new edge to our software, and we look forward to working with him to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the energy industry.”



“I’m excited to join the distinguished group of people, and I hope my knowledge and experience in rock physics and seismic QI will be beneficial to GeoSoftware.”


Lev Vernik, Scientific Advisor, GeoSoftware




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GeoSoftware is a global trusted partner, providing geoscience software and consulting services for enhanced subsurface knowledge.  GeoSoftware reservoir characterization technology and services link geophysics, geology, and petrophysics for optimum workflows that drive greater reservoir understanding.  Global clients rely on the company’s geoscience expertise to build the most accurate and detailed reservoir models and elevate subsurface knowledge.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, GeoSoftware has over 150 employees located in 17 countries, from which they serve over 450 clients across the globe.



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