GeoSoftware Technology Helps Geoscience Students in Ghana

GeoSoftware™ presented seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization software to support the oil and gas geophysics program at the College of Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). In his welcome address, the Provost of the College of Science, Professor Leonard Amekudzi, stated that as part of his vision for the College of Science, he envisages more collaboration between industry and the College, and the GeoSoftware donation will play a significant role in training students, advancing university research and increasing Ghana's local content capacity.


Professor A. Acheampong Aning, Coordinator of the Geophysics Unit, expressed sincere appreciation for the donation. He explained that the software presented will play a crucial role in training students to pursue careers in the oil and gas industry.


GeoSoftware donated HampsonRussell and Powerlog applications for seismic reservoir characterization and multi-well log analysis, both of significant value. GeoSoftware technology helps E & P companies develop a better understanding of the subsurface, manage exploration and development risks, and maximize the potential of reserves. Natasha Hunt, Business Manager, GeoSoftware Europe and Africa, said, “Our solutions help students gain valuable skills, provide them with opportunities to pursue careers in petroleum geosciences and support the University in undertaking advanced research.”


The donation will make it possible for post-graduate students to conduct cutting edge research to enhance productivity of oil fields in Ghana. Lecturers can also utilize the software for research and training geophysicists to contribute to Ghana's oil and gas exploration industry and boost the government's local content drive. The software donation was facilitated by Dr. Cyril D. Boateng, a lecturer in the Department of Physics.


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