Reservoir Modeling

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    • Improve drilling and production planning by building complex reservoir models with seismic data using EarthModel®. This software package incorporates all field data to produce the fastest and most accurate models, and it easily connects to flow simulators.
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        Powerful mapping and structural modeling with emphasis on complex faulting and volumetric calculations
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        Sophisticated stochastic geocellular and object modeling with volumetric analysis within the reservoir model
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        Flexible communication with the flow simulator, including fully featured single-phase upscaling and transmissibility modifiers
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        A patented technique for upscaling from trace-based seismic grids to corner point grids, for simulators or geological modeling
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        Automatic, rapid updates when data has changed or been added in order to keep models current and update
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Add-On Modules
EarthModel is a modular system that can be licensed to fit your requirements.
  • EarthModel Complete
  • EarthModel Geophysics
  • EarthModelBuilder
  • EarthModel Complete combines surface mapping, integrated structural modeling, reservoir property modeling, upscaling, and direct output to most flow simulators all in one package. Together with the advanced reservoir characterization techniques in Jason®, the workflow from seismic to simulation is fully supported.


    Benefits of EarthModel Complete:


    • Create complex structural models with large numbers of faults
    • Build geomodels quickly and update them automatically
    • Preserve 3D geologic detail during upscale for geostatistical simulation
    • Combine well and seismic data
    • Determine reservoir properties such as lithofacies, porosity, and permeability
    • Use models for low-frequency stabilization in inversion projects

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  • EarthModel Geophysics combines all the processes of surface mapping and integrated structural modeling for low-frequency modeling. These models are then used in the Jason® Workbench inversion workflows. Together with Jason’s advanced reservoir characterization techniques, the workflow from seismic to simulation is fully supported.


    This module handles complex models with large numbers of faults and provides assistants in the system to guide you through all the steps for easy handling of many faults and horizons. It also provides all necessary tools to investigate and QC your input data and results as well as create inputs for additional modeling workflows.

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  • EarthModelBuilder improves efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility for more realistic representations of your reservoir. This dynamic software provides a unique way for asset teams and service companies to generate multiple first-pass reservoir models containing rock properties so you can optimize field development and well planning processes.


    EarthModelBuilder's user-friendly interface, dynamic capabilities, and quality controls help you create models more quickly and move projects forward. Extensive quality controls help ensure a greater level of accuracy in both conventional and unconventional geological settings.


    Integration with GeoSoftware’s PowerLog® solution offers well log analysis and computed well log curves for even more insight. Petrophysicists, geologists, geophysicists, and engineers can calculate multiple curves and run a variety of modeling scenarios to better understand the reservoir.

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EarthModel Features
EarthModel combines surface mapping, integrated structural modeling, reservoir property modeling, upscaling and direct output to most flow simulators, all in one package.
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    • Seismic to Simulation
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    • Structural Modeling
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    • Reservoir Property Modeling
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    • Reservoir Data QC and Visualization
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    • Reduce Risk and Uncertainty
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    • Upscaling
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